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Virginia Denture Labs

In most states, denture labs can fix dentures only if they are accompanied with a dentist's precription. This is important to know because many folks would like to bypass the dentist with the belief Virginia denture labs can just fix any old denture without a dentists prescription.

One of the reasons most states might have this law is because it is to protect those who wear dentures to keep their mouth as healthy as possible. Most Virginia denture labs won't be able add new features or adjust your denture so that it is comfortable again without a dentist involvement.

In some cases, denture labs may choose this option, but in reality they are practicing dentistry without a license, and could have serious problems if found about. If any denture lab diagnoses the cause of the denture problem in relation to the denture wearer's mouth, they are practicing dentistry.

They can talk about the product, such as its life, durability, color, however, anything that deals with how it can help you is a big no no.


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Some Virginia denture labs may have a dentist who works alongside the denture lab or nearby where a dentist can assist with the problems a denture wearer may have before any work is done by the denture lab.

Sometimes dentures break when eating regular food, this can be cause by many factors where the denture wearer has had a denture for years and has not seen a dentist for a regular checkup. It is important to understand once you have a denture, that your mouth should be routinely checked by a dentist to make sure your denture does not cause any health problems.

When a denture breaks by accidentally dropping it onto a hard surface, it could be the reason folks might begin looking for Virginia denture labs.

In other cases where a denture tooth may fall out because of eating hard candies or foods, the denture tooth may have broke because of the attempt to eat hard materials. Not all Virginia denture labs have all the kinds of teeth in stock to repair a denture. While there are very few places where a lab technician may have years of experience making and fixing dentures, those who have the experience can easily shape almost any kind of tooth to replace the broken denture tooth.


Some folks may not know that there are many different kinds of denture lab materials that are used to fix dentures. Those denture labs that offer bargain basement prices may be using low quality denture supplies to fix dentures.

While in appearance, after the denture is fixed may have no appearance issue, after using the denture for a short time may incur a breakdown of the denture lab materials that will result in another broken denture.

The national average to fix a broken denture is under two hundred dollars. Some places may advertise the cost as being a small fraction of the national average. If Virginiadenture labs can offer this service, you may want to find out if a dentist is involved with the service you are requesting.

When finding Virginia denture labs, it is important to know that most will deal with a dentist directly. Most denture labs do not have dental chairs because they do not have dentists on site, or the correct permits to allow this service.

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